Imagine your cupcake design gracing a beautifully decorated box, nestled next to a steaming cup of coffee and a tempting cupcake. Stop imagining and start creating! We’re offering a FREE, high-resolution cupcake box mockupthat lets you showcase your design in a truly delightful way.

Here’s what makes this mockup a must-have for any bakery or designer:

  • A Feast for the Eyes: This mockup isn’t just a box – it’s a complete scene featuring a coffee cup, business card, and even a dollop of cupcake frosting! It’s the perfect way to create a mouthwatering presentation that will have everyone craving your cupcakes.
  • Customization Cravings Satisfied: This mockup is all about giving you control. Change the color of the box, coffee cup, business card, and even the cupcake frosting to perfectly match your design theme. Plus, you can customize the background color to create the ideal setting.
  • Crystal-Clear Details: Show off your design in stunning detail! This mockup boasts a 5K image quality (5000×3500 pixels @ 300dpi), ensuring every flourish and swirl of your design is showcased in breathtaking clarity.

This free mockup is perfect for:

  • Bakery owners creating packaging designs that will entice customers
  • Graphic designers presenting cupcake design concepts to clients
  • Anyone who wants to see their cupcake design come to life in a delightful and realistic way


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5000 x 3500 Pixels

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Free Cupcake Box Mockup

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