ON-demand Customized Mockup

This part of the website is made to fulfill the order of your product mockup. All orders placed on our website are created by our experienced 3D artists and designers while focusing to deliver quality work.

The cost and timeline of every customized mockup depend on the complexity of the product, we need high-quality reference images which are taken from different angles that will help us to share the right cost and timeline.

We recommend uploading at least 5 images of your product from different angles (Front, Side, Top, Back, Bottom) along with the reference images.

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The cost and delivery time of any mockup depends on how complex the product is, once we will receive your request along with the reference images then we will be able to share the exact cost and delivery date.

Our starting price for a customized mockup is US$90 (non-exclusive and royalty-free license).

The estimated delivery time for customized mockup is 14 working days but it can be less or more days depending on the complexity of the job.

Yes, you can get 30% off on your customized mockup with our year Subscription.

All mockups available on our website or delivered to our valuable clients are carefully crafted with extra attention to detail. If you have any concerns related to your order please reach out to our support team.

We do offer refunds, if our team can’t fulfill your requirements or the item you received is different than the one described, or if there is any technical problem and we are unable to resolve it.

We need 4 to 5 pictures of your actual product which should be taken from different angles. (Front, Back, Side, Bottom, Top). These pictures should be taken in a place with good light to capture product details.

You can submit this FORM along with your product and reference images.

The ownership of the customised mockups. The customized mockup includes a Standard Personal and Commercial License. If you require an Exclusive License, there may be an additional cost. To request an Exclusive License, please select the option in the form. With the Standard License, the customized mockup(s) will remain the sole property of Pixpine and will be available for download on Pixpine.com under a non-exclusive, royalty-free license. You will not have any ownership stake in the business generated by the mockup(s). For more information about licenses, click here.

After delivering the job if you think it still needs some tweaks we will do two revisions free of cost.