Design Your Dream Mug: Free Coffee Mug Mockup with Customizable Elements!

Ever dreamt of seeing your mug design held in someone’s hands? Now you can! We’re offering a stunning FREE coffee mug mockup featuring a woman holding a white mug.

  • Effortless Customization: Design your dream mug in minutes! This mockup lets you change the color of the mug’s front and handle separately, allowing for unique design combinations. Plus, you can customize the shirt color of the model to create a cohesive presentation.
  • Realistic Presentation: Go beyond flat graphics! This mockup features a woman holding the mug, creating a realistic and eye-catching scene.
  • Stunning Detail: Impress your clients or showcase your portfolio with exceptional quality! This mockup boasts a high-resolution file (4500×3150 pixels at 300 dpi), ensuring your design is displayed in crisp detail.

This free mockup is perfect for:

  • Graphic designers creating and presenting mug designs
  • Merchandise creators showcasing their mug designs
  • Anyone who wants to see their mug design come to life in a realistic setting

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170 MB

4500 x 3150 Pixels

Personal & Commercial



Free Hands Holding Mug Mockup