Dreaming of seeing your cosmetic design come to life on a real cream tube? Look no further! We’re offering a FREE, ultra-realistic Cosmetic Cream Tube Mockup that lets you step into the world of professional packaging presentations.

Here’s why this mockup is a must-have for any designer:

  • Lifelike Visualization: This mockup boasts stunning realism, allowing you to see exactly how your label design will look on a real cosmetic cream tube and its accompanying paper box. No more flat graphics – this is design visualization at its finest!
  • Effortless Branding: Smart Object layers make customizing the mockup a breeze. Simply add your logo, design elements, and branding information directly onto the tube and paper box. It’s like magic – watch your brand identity come to life in seconds!
  • Unleash the Details: We know the importance of showcasing every intricate detail of your design. That’s why this mockup is crafted with an impressive 5K image resolution (5000×3500 @ 300dpi). From high-resolution text to captivating graphics, everything will be displayed in crystal-clear sharpness.

Download your free Cosmetic Cream Tube Mockup today! It’s perfect for:

  • Graphic designers visualizing and presenting cosmetic packaging designs to clients
  • Branding agencies creating mockups for cosmetic brands
  • Anyone who wants to see their cosmetic cream design come to life in a realistic and professional way.

Stop wondering, start creating! This mockup is your gateway to showcasing your cosmetic packaging designs with stunning realism and effortless ease. So, download yours now and watch your vision take shape!


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67 MB

5000 x 3500 Pixels

Personal & Commercial



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Free Cosmetic Cream Tube Mockup

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